Events at senior living in Murfreesboro, TN

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Siegel High School Key Club Shares Evening With Our Residents

Siegel High School Key Club shares a late afternoon and evening with our residents, creating pumpkins, playing bingo, enjoying music and chatting. 

Five Hours of an amazing time with our residents.  
Chat time included questions and answers.  Youth was asked by residents, What is an Outhouse?  Answer by student: “a place you put can goods” (great laughs).  Residents asked, “What is a party line?” The students all thought it was a dance or as one said a conga dance.    Students asked residents, “What is an emoji?”. This lead the students to show them on their phones.    The residents reaction was priceless.   Another question to the residents ,“What is snap chat”….the residents now know and were so surprised by this.